The National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) SIBO Center formerly the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), is part of ICL’s network of specialty laboratories offering analysis and results for the SIBO breath test. Through collaboration with some of the top SIBO doctors in the country, NUNM has developed a respect and understanding of SIBO and strive to offer information in the most beneficial way possible to clinicians while utilizing the highest standards of quality assurance.

The NUNM SIBO Center is affiliated with the NUNM Clinic Laboratory, a U.S. based CLIA certified lab, and the NUNM Clinic, a patient-centered primary care home.

NUNM Tests Available from ICL

For a list of NUNM services routinely offered by ICL refer to the ICL Integrative Laboratory Services Menu. If the test service in which you are interested is not listed, please contact ICL Client Care at 416.422.3000 x300 or as the test menu is subject to change.

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