Tests are performed in accredited laboratories with ISO15189-based OLA Accreditation (Ontario) or CLIA-certified (U.S.).

Thanks to relationships that have been established over the last 40 years with some of the most prominent medical laboratory testing reference labs in Canada and U.S., ICL is able to offer a truly expansive test menu. From routine wellness tests to the most esoteric of offerings, there is no test that we cannot source.

Cardiac Health Assessment

Tests include apolipoproteins and various cardiac markers such as CRP and Omega-3.

Comprehensive Wellness Assessment

Tests include routine chemistry, CBC, tumour markers.

Hormonal/Fertility Assessment

Tests include blood and urine hormones

Immunology Assessment

Tests include assessment of celiac disease.

Nutritional Assessment

Tests include vitamins, elements, metals and amino acids.

Thyroid Assessment

Tests include thyroid antibodies and hormones.

Tests Available from ICL

For a list of all test services routinely offered by ICL refer to the ICL Integrative Laboratory Services Menu. If the test service in which you are interested is not listed, please contact ICL Client Care at 416.422.3000 x300 or as the test menu is subject to change.