FLUIDS iQ is a Canadian laboratory accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) conforming with requirements of ISO15189 : 2012. FLUIDS iQ is part of ICL’s network of specialty laboratories offering services for naturopathic care

From the FLUIDS iQ menu, ICL offers tests for hormonal assessment with the convenience of saliva testing. Saliva is particularly convenient for specimens that must be collected by the patient at multiple times of the day.

Interpreting Test Results

FLUIDS iQ provides easy-to-read test reports for the practitioner and the patient incorporating numeric and graphical presentations.

FLUIDS iQ Tests Available from ICL

For a list of FLUIDS iQ services routinely offered by ICL refer to the ICL Integrative Laboratory Services Menu. If the test service in which you are interested is not listed, please contact ICL Client Care at 416.422.3000 x300 or info@ICLabs.ca as the test menu is subject to change.

For further information about FLUIDS iQ visit their website at www.fluidsiq.com/