Cell Science Systems is a specialty clinical laboratory that develops and performs laboratory testing in immunology and cell biology supporting the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Cell Science Systems, Corp. operates a CLIA certified laboratory and is a FDA inspected registered, cGMP medical device manufacturer meeting ISO EN13485 standards. Cell Science Systems is best known for pioneering the Alcat Test for food and chemical sensitivities.

The ALCAT Test is NOT an "allergy" or IgE test.  Available for over 25 years, The ALCAT Test is a laboratory method for identification of non-IgE mediated reactions to foods, chemicals, and other categories of substances. The test identifies cellular reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals and other substances. These potential triggers of inflammation have been linked to chronic health problems like migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity/ADD, asthma and even obesity.

Cell Science Systems Tests Available from ICL

For a list of Cell Science Systems services routinely offered by ICL refer to the ICL Integrative Laboratory Services Menu. If the test service in which you are interested is not listed, please contact ICL Client Care at 416.422.3000 x300 or info@ICLabs.ca as the test menu is subject to change.

For further information about Cell Science Systems visit www.alcat.com