ICL and Naturopathic Doctors have a lot "In-Common"

For more than 50 years In-Common Laboratories has been committed to excellence in patient care. Our primary focus is to help Canadians achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Our Integrative Laboratory Services (ILS) team was established in 2015 to further enhance our commitment to patient care through a holistic approach. ILS partners with best-in-class specialty laboratories that provide the gold standard in diagnostic and functional health testing. We ensure these partnerships benefit Canadians through collaborating with integrative medicine practitioners, like naturopathic doctors, to provide access to innovative testing to enhance their practice and the health of their patients. We strive to improve the clinician and patient experience through providing fast, reliable turnaround times, clinical expertise and laboratory services tailored to individual practitioner or practice needs.

ICL works with Naturopathic Doctors to provide testing for:

Food Sensitivities & Allergies Adrenal Fatigue Men's & Women's Health
General Wellness Cardiac Health  Fertility Nutritional Deficiencies
Gastrointestinal Disorders Mineral and Toxic Elements Metabolic Testing

ICL operates Laboratory Licence #5800 issued by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care under the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act. ICL is ISO 15189 Plus™ accredited by the Institute for Quality Management in Health Care.



As a not-for-profit organization, ICL is able to price services competitively, giving customers great value for money. Our affordable prices are accompanied by superior customer service. At any given time we can provide our clients with detailed information about where their patient’s specimens are in the testing process and how long it will take for result reporting. ICL places customer satisfaction at the forefront of operations and strives to provide practitioners, and thereby their patients, the best testing at the best price.